How much do I need to OC to match gtx 275/285 performance?

I have a GTX260 core216 55nm.

I currently have it at 743/1545/1207.

How much would I need to clock this 260 to match 275/285's? Is it even possible? I don't mind turning the fan to 100%
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  1. I don't think it's possible really, because the GTX 275 is pretty much a GTX 285 with the memory of a GTX 260, and really, unless you push relatively high clocks, you won't be able to match it.
  2. i don't think you will be able to match GTX275 or GTX285 just by overclocking. no matter how much you push it the card itself still have less available SP physically compared to the two. if just by overclocking the card can get GTX275/285 performance i don't think nvidia will ever release those card in the first place
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