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Will an IDE adapter fit on these hds?

Hi Cybertechs,

I have a 44 pin laptop hd. I am going to get a new hd. But before I do, I need to know if my dell adapter -- that is needed to fit OVER the IDE pins, so that I can seat it internally -- will fit on these hds. Otherwise the hd will not run on my computer!

Will an IDE adapter fit on these hds? :sarcastic:

Serial ATA
PATA 100
What if it says that its interface is SATA 1/ DMA/ATA-100 (ULTRA)/ ATA/ATAPI-6
interface: DMA/ATA-100 (ULTRA)/ ATA/ATAPI-6
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    PATA, EIDE, and IDE all use the same interface. Sata has a completely different interface and will not work on your laptop. DMA, ATA, ATAPI, and Ultra ATA are all data protocols and have nothing to do with the interface.
  2. Data Protocols -- Wow, that really confusing. The hardware manufacturers really just want to confuse you don't they?

    Hey bro, that really helps out a lot. That really shed some light on this whole issue. It is all starting to make sense to me!

    Thank you. I did not know that.


    Captain Kirk
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