[Heatsink] Need advice on a good heatsink

Alright trying to help a friend find a good heatsink for overclocking.

Currently here is his rig:

Case: NZXT Tempest
Processor AMD Phenom II 945
Gigabyte motherboard.

I am worried that the case fan sitting over the CPU socket will hit anything over 140mm.

I hope someone can help us out. Thanks in advance!
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  1. double post my bad.
  2. What's your friend's budget?
  3. under $100
  4. Under $100, that would give you a cooler which is quite powerful!

    Lets see... If you friend is serious overclocker then i would say:

    Thermalright Venomous-X costs around $60.

    If he just wants cooling and moderate overclocker then:
    CM Hyper 212+ would be also good at around $30.
  5. but I think those are just to big for his case :/
  6. Which case does he have?
  7. His case is big enough he'll just have to lose his side fan.
    Losing a side fan is an easy sacrifice for improved cpu cooling.
    Just find a 212+ and lose the side fan.
    212+ improved temps by at least 10C
    side fan 2-3C.
  8. Sorry i didn't notice the cabinet mentioned. I checked the specification mentioned for the NZXT Tempest and it is only 2mm short of my CM690. So i would say it should fit easily. I have the True Black 120 Rev. C and it fits easily with one 120mm side fan. No problems!
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