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Hi all,

So... I purchased a 1TB Samsung SpinPoint HDD... but I am considering an SDD for my new build too, but not sure which way to go. I was think around 120GB seems to be a decent sweet spot for price vs size at the moment. I hadn't budgeted for an SSD and so would like to try and keep the cost reasonably low on it

I found an OCZ agility 3, overall very highly rated reviews, but I noticed that in August 2012, around 4 people have posted saying that they have had multiple of these OCZ agility drives all of which failed within the first couple of months?

Has anyone had similar issues with these drives recently? I wonder if it is a batch issue?

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  1. I just bought myself one of these a few weeks ago, it happens to be the OS drive in my rig for now, and haven't come across any problems. Seem's that the older firmware had problems but the new one, 2.2, doesn't have any reports of any problems till now.
  2. How do I know it has the latest firmware, or can this be updated ourselves from the following link?
  3. Yes, you can update it yourself. You just need to remember that the OCZ Update tool will not work on a SSD that is the primary disc and already contains the OS. That's the only thing and yes, that is the correct link.
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