How keep Striker II and CPU cool?

I have a Striker II motherboard and I would like some assistance cooling it. I had the two regular fans that came with it on the radiators and my after a year dust built up and it started to over heat. I cleaned out the dust and then when I started to use it. It would overheat under heavy usage. I then decided to use the Freezer Xtreme and now it keeps overheating the north bridge.

What can I do to keep this motherboard and cpu cool?
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  1. Here are some images if the motherboard.
  2. Do you have a fan in the front of the case that pulls air into the case? If not, add one (if possible. This will increase the airflow that your PSU and rear fans will pull through the system, thus removing more heat and exhausting out the rear.

    You can also find some small fans (40mm x 40mm) that you can afix to the northbridge heatsink (usually small screws) that can help as well.
  3. That Freezer xtreme takes up all this space. I wonder if the fans that came with the motherboard will work?
  4. Yes, that would help if you fit them into position. Were you able to determine if you had a front mounted case fan or not? Or a place to put one?
  5. I have a fan on the fron of the case.
  6. Good. You should have good flow then from the front to the rear of the case. Make sure there is as little as possible blocking the front fan and the air it is pulling into the case (like ribbon cables).

    If you use the motherboard provided fans on the NB that should help. Looks like it may be a tight fit from your pix, due to the heatsink. Only you can tell.

    Other options to consider would be a different heatsink that frees up space or is more efficient, or a fan like this Antec that would blow air into your NB area:

    I do have an additional question, though (please don't be offended). Is your heatsink blowing air out the back of your case and not blowing it towards the front of your case? Just checking....That makes a HUGE difference.
  7. I will have to get the fan for the North Bridge since there is no fan space with that huge Freezer xtreme.
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