How to get air out of the loop.

Ok so I got a Corsair obsidian 800D today (BIG WOOP!) :bounce:

Set up my PC and watercooling but there is air trapped in my loop which I don't know how to get rid of, usually tapping the radiator, tipping the case, and pinching the tubing works, but not today....

Oh and I've switched the pump on and off countless times

I've been trying for 4 hours now :/

The watercooling stuff:

Swifttech DDC 10W Pump with XSPC top/res
XSPC RS360 Rad with push-pull fans
Heatkiller 3.0LC 1366
HD5850 EK waterblock
1.5 metres of tubing
straight barbs and clamps

Any tips guys, the pump is really loud and annoying and the temps are 7+C hotter than they should be.

Please help/. :love:
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  2. Unplug one hose and place it in a cup then run the pump until the air bubble gets out of the tubbing and once you get a even flow place the hose back where you first removed it.

    I'm not a water cooling expert, but thats what I would do if I'm hearing you right.
  3. Its ok now, almost all of the air is gone, an 1 hour of BFBC2 gave me temps of 54,51,47,49C for the CPU and 39C for the GPU which is slightly hotter than it once was but only buy a few degrees, maybe the new thermal paste hasn't cured.

    The obsidian is a dream to build in and looks amazing, but I've just come from a CM HAF 932 so maybe thats why the temps are a little higher.

    Anyway thanks for your reply Shane. :)
  4. No problem glad to hear everything worked out!:)
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