Did I just bottleneck my GPU with my CPU?

I just purchased my first computer to assemble myself, put a lot of time into finding what I thought I wanted and what would fit my budget. I just came across the article here on building a well balanced setup that doesn't bottleneck anywhere. My question is relatively simple, I bought a i5 760 processor and a GTX 460 1gig GPU. In your opinion, is the 460 gonna be dishing out more than the i5 can handle? Did I overdo it with the 460 card or am I just paranoid?
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  1. No reason to worry about.. The i5 760 is a powerful CPU.. It'll probably drive the GTX 460 at its stock speed itself.. Anytime you feel any bottlenecks, just overclock it to your satisfaction levels..
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    Well, it depends. If you run your games at a monitor with the resolution 1280x1020 or less*, you might see a bottleneck, and this is because the lower the resolution, the less is demanded out of your GPU and the more your difference in FPS-rate relies on your CPU. I.e. if you run a monitor with e.g. 1680x1050 (this is a very common resolution) I wouldn't think that you would experience any kind of bottleneck.

    If you're still worried, or by any chance still think you experience a bottleneck, I would suggest that you exchange that stock cooler with a Corsair H50 or H70 and overclock the hell out of your CPU. You can come back here and look up a guide if that's a problem ;)

    Edit* At lower resolutions you wouldn't notice the bottleneck if you didn't look for it, your FPS will be sky-high anyway.
  3. huh. Well, this is silly. Everyone seems to be all excited about bottlenecking lately. The core i5 with the GTX 460 is a good match, seems perfectly balanced to me. Stop worrying and have fun.
  4. Sweet, so it was just me being paranoid, just after such an expensive purchase (for me, I'm a student who works retail, not exactly rich) I was starting to get really paranoid, but thanks for letting me know.

    And just fyi, I'll be running 1920*1080 most likely, so I think i'll be happy :D
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