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I keep hearing a weird clicking noise from inside my computer when browsing. Since my Firefox is installed on my Seagate secondary drive I want to say the noise is coming from there since it only seems to happen when loading web pages (caching info) and such. Is this possible? Is this a defect? I've only had this computer a few hours so I can't really offer any real tests.

What software could I use to test my HDD?
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  1. If it is kind of a hollow clicking sound and there might even be a bit of a faint high pitch whine preceding it, then that would be the infamous click of death that HDDs sometimes suffer from. Doesn't matter if a drive is fresh out of the anti-static bag from the factory or 10 years old, this issue can strike any time, so time to replace the drive. If it's still new, you should be able to RMA it.
  2. Alright, thanks. It is new so I guess I'll RMA it.

    I've never tried this but can I put my old HDD from my other comp in in the mean time without formatting it?

    Also would Seatools confirm a bad hard drive?
  3. Seatools SHOULD tell you if the drive is bad, but there is always a possibility that if what you have is really the click of death it may say the drive is fine if it happens to behave while you're testing.

    As for your other question. So long as you do not try and boot any OS that may be installed on that drive, it should be fine.
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