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I know a bit about my computer but I'm certainly no genius. I have a quick question concerning my graphics drivers. I bought my PC from Cyberpower about three years ago, with an Nvidia GeForce 8800 640MB GPU. Since then, I have upgraded to a GTX 260 with 895MB. I am wanting to sell my computer, but I would like to know if resetting to factory defaults would simply mean reinstalling the graphics driver or if it would cause more serious problems. I'm sorry if this seems like a simple question, but I just wanted to play it safe. Thanks.
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  1. My recommendation would be to just do a clean re-install and install all the updated drivers for the MOBO and GPU. This way you have everything cleaned off of your computer that might not be done with the resetting to factory defaults (should be quicker too!) and is updated for the sell.
  2. I'm not following: You want to put the old GPU in the machine? Before you sell it? Ok, uninstall the new GPU drivers, swap cards, and install the old GPU drivers.

    But, I agree with tecmo34. If you want to sell the system, do a clean re-install of the OS, then install/update ALL the drivers.

    But before you do that, wipe the hard drive with "DBaN" to make sure NONE of YOUR information remains on the drive! Might seem tediouis and time consuming, but identity theft is real! Just formatting the drive isn't enough!

    SO, you'll need back ups of the drivers and such...
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