WD Black Noise Level, Quiet or Loud?

When looking for a new hard drive I was considering the Western Digital Black drive, however many of the reviews are contradictory. Many say that they are quiet while others say that they are very loud.

Why is this, what is going on?
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  1. 1. Some people hear better than others.
    2. Your definition of loud might not be the same as others.
    3. Some sounds are more irratating to some than others.

    I tend to consider loud if I can hear the drive above the sound of the fan(s). My fans are fairly quiet, but I can't hear my drives over them unless I put my head up to the case. Since I don't operate my computer with my ear to the case, I'm good with it. ;)
  2. I forgot to mention that I have 5 WD black drives in my system from 250gig up to 1Tb and they are all quiet... to ME.
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