300,000 memory errors in Memtest... HELP!!!

Ok, a little about the problem. I had to RMA my memory and they replaced my 4x1GB sticks with 2x2GB sticks. That I was happy about b/c of the possibility of fitting more RAM later. Unfortunately after a couple weeks I started having random app crashes in Vista. From what I've been able to tell, something is causing background services to crash. So of course I went into testing mode.

I booted it into memtest 86+ and within seconds it had over 3k errors. After making sure my BIOS was set to the right settings for my modules I tried again. Same thing happened. In my frantic google searches I read something about video card. I took out my Quadro FX and ran Memtest again. This time I only got 9 errors.

The biggest thing that confuses me about these memtest errors is that they all happen in a range of memory that I don't have. They are all between 4608mb and 4900mb. But I only have 4094 installed. Any ideas? Please help I'm practically going insane.

AMD Phenom II x4
Gigabyte GA-MA785GM-US2H
Corsiar Dominator 8500C5 2x 2GB
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  1. Is this your RAM?
    If yes you need to go in the BIOS and up the memory voltage to the one specified in there (2.2V).

    If no go the the Corsair site, find them and look at the required voltage for them.

    If the problems don't go away try with one stick of RAM at a time, maybe one of them is bad.
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