SATA hdd not detected by win7 install


I just assembled a computer with the following (applicable) specs:

Intel Core i7 930
HIS Radeon HD 5830
GA-X58A-UD3R Motherboard
Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB HDD

After looking over the BIOS and making minor adjustments (fan control/timings, enabling SMART), I inserted the Windows 7 64-bit OEM installation disk. The installation process goes fine until it prompts me to select where I would like to install Windows, and says that it cannot find any drives! The BIOS does see the hard drive. I have tried loading several SATA drivers (through the Windows installer) to seemingly no effect. I have been experiencing these same issues regardless of whether the drive controller is on IDE or AHCI mode.

Any suggestions?

EDIT: Attempting to format HDD with gparted live cd . . .
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  1. Even unformated, Windows install should see it.

    Mmmmm, BIOS sees it, Windows install doesn't......
  2. Seems to have done the trick! I assume that the installer must only see devices with partition tables (though, I suppose, it doesn't need partitions)?
  3. Very odd indeed. No, Windows Install does NOT need to have a Partitioned and Formatted HDD. In fact, normally it will be happy to do those jobs for you on a new blank disk.
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