Will my 430W PSU run nvidia GT 240?

I want to ask if my power supply (a cooler master 430W extreme power) will be able to run the GT 240? I'm thinking yes, as the minimum recommended is 400W. But i just want to make sure.

Here are the other things powered by my PSU.
A core 2 duo 2.4GHz processor
Intel DG31PR mobo
2 sticks of DDR II ram
HDD: 2 IDE and 1 green sata
A DVD-RW drive

Nothing else i can think of...
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  1. Yes you're fine no worries.
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    Yes, it has power enough to handle your system, anyway, I would think about buying a new PSU in the near future since that's one of the worst PSUs that Cooler Master has ever put on the market.
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