New Heavy 3D Gaming PC - Long Term High Budget

Looking to build a New Gaming PC willing to spend around 3000 more if needed I want it to last and be able to run the things coming out at high settings also would like to have the ability to render 3D:

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Something soon hopefully within then next few months.

System Usage: Heavy Gaming (FF14, FPS, Other Heavy Graphic Games)

Parts Not Required: - Mouse and Keyboard unless theres some amazing deal

Preferred Websites: Newegg I've done business with them and they seem solid

Parts Preference: - Intel and Nvidia

OVERCLOCKING: - I'm really weary about overclocking I dont like to do it to paranoid.

SLI OR CROSSFIRE: - Maybe never done a SLI setup and heard alot of problems with them. Would rather have one strong card so I wont need it.

MONITOR RESOLUTION: - Not sure how high this can go with being able to use 3d.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: - Wanting to be able to do 3D since that seems to be coming along and I think future games might support it. SSD not sure how great they are for gaming but I'd want to get them if the performance of them is better and wont die down over time compaired to the normal.

I'm not opposed to also seeing builds without 3d montiors and not including a monitor then (I just bought a ASUS monitor and if I can get something that supports 3d still I could get the monitor down the road)

I look forward to hearing back. I was half tempted to just go to CyberPower and see what I can do there as they have 3D Setups as well if you think I should get it made there instead.

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  1. Should I just buy a CyberPower PC dont see any responces yet.
  2. Yes you should.
  3. ehh.. you could.

    it's viable, since you *sound* (sorry if I'm wrong here) like you *might* be better off with that sort of thing.
  4. Cyberpower is overpriced garbage. Building a computer is very simple, there is a great guide stickied at the top of this forum with full color pictures.

    If you are not comfortable with OCing, then you will need to spend a little more on the CPU to keep it from bottlenecking the system. At your budget, you could easily do GTX480 SLI, the cards scale very well and would give you great performance.

    CoolerMaster HAF932 - $139.98

    Corsair 850HX - $169.99

    Intel Core i7-960 - $569.99

    ASUS P6X58D-E - $209.99

    G.Skill PI 6GB DDR3-1600 - $179.99

    Crucial RealSSD C300 128GB - $374.00 (OS/Apps)

    Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB - $79.99 (Storage)

    (2) PNY GTX480 - $959.98

    LITE-ON DVD Burner - $24.99

    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit - $99.99

    Total: $2808.89

    Then you need a 3D monitor: or

    It will put you over but if you want 3D you have to have one.
  5. Thanks for the reply. Do you need to have two GTX 480s for 3d? cant support just one? I'm guessing you need 2 cards for 3d.

    What I might do is just get one card then when/if 3d becomes big get two cards. One 480 should run almost anything on high without SLI right?

    Also if I do get the two cards is that power supply going to be strong enough for it all?

    I was thinking about doing 8 gigs of ram so I know I wont have any issues. Also I was thinking about getting a blueray/dvd combo not sure if games will be going bluray anytime soon on the PC. My only concern not for movies.

    Changes I wanted to make:

    Intel X25-M Mainstream SSDSA2MH160G2R5 2.5" 160GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) (instead of coursair) 429.99

    ASUS P6X58D Premium LGA 1366 Intel X58 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard 299.99

    G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model F3-12800CL9D-8GBRL 324.99

    I also was going to get some Arctic Silver 5 and two more 120 mm fans to put in since there cheap to keep the box cool (I heard this GPU gets really hot)

    So please let me know if you need two 480's for 3d and if I want to use just one how well would it run games coming out like FF14 as I scored low on the bench mark with my current computer. Also added a mounting kid for 3.5 to 2.5 for the SSD which I'm guessing is fine.

    Will all this fit fine in the case? I really like the case for what it gives and says. Also what are your thoughts on bluray and games in the future here? Think it will be used?

    Thanks for your time
  6. 1. That new Crucial SSD is faster
    2. There is no point in getting the Premium version over the E when the only thing you are getting is dual-LAN...
    3. The i7 CPU should be paired with triple channel RAM. That kit you picked out is dual channel. Your options are 3, 6, or 12 GB of RAM. I doubt you will need anymore than 6GB.

    One GTX480 is fine, I just added two because you had the budget. If you would feel more comfortable with a stronger PSU, the Corsair 950HX or 1000HX is your next stop.

    You only need one Fermi card for 3D. That CoolerMaster HAF932 will fit just about anything. If you are into blu-ray, go for it. It will probably be a long time coming before it makes its way into the PC gaming market, especially with a lot of ways to get games online (Steam, Games for Windows, Direct2Drive)
  7. 1. Is 128 on a SSD that big you need to leave 20% to make it run fast correct? Does uninstalling applications and deleting them slow do the performance? Was thinking about getting something bigger that was at least 160GB. If you think the 128GB is big enough and there is no penalty for removing data from them I'll get the 128GB.

    2. I'll change the mother board out thanks for that tip.

    3. I'll get the ram should I stick with the 6GB or just go upgrade to 12GB

    4. Do you think its worth getting some fans/thermal compound? It doesn't cost that much and I'm guessing it helps a bit.

    5. Two GPU cards I've never setup before but I've heard in the past there are alot of issues with using SLI and some games have issues with them. This was a while ago is this still true?

    6. I think I'll switch to just a DVD drive and upgrade to bluray later if you think it will be a while before they actually start using bluray.

    7. Brand of 480 GTX card I was looking at the superclocked EVGA one
  8. 1. It really depends on how many games you have. After Windows 7, you've got a good 80GB for games. As far as I know deleting something hasn't changed with SSD.

    3. 6GB is plenty. Unless you do a lot of photo/video editing, or CAD, you will have more than enough.

    4. Its always good to use an aftermarket cooler because it keeps the CPU cooler and quieter and extends the lifetime.

    5. SLI and crossfire work well and are very popular. I would not be afraid of it if you want more performance.

    6. Unless you want to watch Blu-rays on your computer, theres no reason to have one (or if you are editing HD video).

    7. They are all pretty similar, XFX has a double lifetime warranty, but EVGA is a good brand.
  9. Thanks Transmaniacon,

    Any recommendation on the heatsink/fan for the i7-960? I know some of them are massive. I got these so far:

    APEVIA CF12SL-URED 120mm Red LED Case Fan (6.99 each getting two)

    Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound - OEM 9.99

    Not sure what to get for the CPU.
  10. For fans, the new CoolerMaster 90cfm 18dBa are hard to beat. Quiet and they move a lot of air. ranks the top heatsinks, and has reviews for all of them so you can get a good analysis of them. I would recommend the CoolerMaster Hyper 212+, though if you are not overclocking, then maybe look for something in the frostytech quiet list. Xigmatech generally has some pretty silent options.
  11. Thanks I'm guessing the stock fans are fine for the case I could always get 120 fans later. Since it seems those stock fans should keep it cool. I got it to come out around 2500 just not sure if I want to buy another 480 card. Isnt that a bit much power for anything out right now?
  12. If you're planning to do a little bit of o'cing (it's easy to do it if you don't do that much of an o'c) then consider getting the 930 instead.

    For the most demanding games, the extra will help, but for nearly everything, a single one should be fine. Up to you.
  13. Sorry if this advise is wrong as I am new to most of this, but the I7-960 seems like a bad price/performance buy. I would suggest getting the 950 which just recieved a price cut at the end of August.

    I7-950 259.99 -
    This card was over 500.00 a few weeks ago and was a bad buy for the money then. But now it seems like the card to get.

    You can probably pay someone like 100.00 to OC your comp stable and save yourself the 200.00. That CPU from what I understand can run upwards to 4.4 so if you just put it at like 4.0 you should be fine. Also the about the memory your going to have to choose by 3, 6, 12 like the poster above said. the 1366 platform requires it. If you would rather do the 8gb way I would say the 1156 platform with the i7- 870 as an option.

    I am building a computer and like you I hope to run the 3D vision setup for gaming in the future when prices drop. I am going the 470 route now as you can sli or tri sli them and the cost just went down on the Galaxy reference card to 249.99. To me there isnt a better buy out there currently. You can buy two of these for the cost of your one 480 and they will blow away the 480. The only negative is that if you added another 480 that would probably beat tri SLI 470s, but I havent seen the tests to confirm that..... and Yes you need two cards to run the 3 monitors in 3d. One card to run two monitors and the 2nd card to run the 3rd.
  14. Just get the i7 930 or i7 950 because the prices on the 950 just hit rock bottom... no need to spend $500 on a CPU that an i7 930 can surpass with a simple overclock.
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