Gigabyte 5870 issues, should I return?

I recently bought the new Gigabyte 5870 Radeon (the one with the dual fans). On day one it crashed in games, but I upgraded the bios to FN6, however now randomly in game, or just watching a movie, the screen does this split second grey line or flash, is this bad? It doesn't crash but it's pretty annoying and for a 400$ card I shouldn't be getting these problems. Also, my 5870 whines a lot...I've heard it's the "coils" and that you can put nail polish on them and it quiets them down? Any truth to this? Thanks!
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  1. RMA it.
  2. RMA it to get a replacement...
  3. Ok I'll be returning it tonight and using my 4870 until I can order the Powercolor PCS++ 5870 which is apparently one of the best and quietest..thanks guys
  4. Update* Right before I was about to take the video card back I noticed today, 5/11/2010, Gigabyte updated the bios (F7) so far after random flickers or pauses, seems pretty stable...the only issue now is the "coils" making noise which apparently it's a 80% chance you get that issue with any graphic card, so I'll just apply that clear nail polish trick which apparently cuts out the electrical "hum" they generate under load, has anyone else done this yet here? Thanks!
  5. Never heard of that trick, I wouldn't go putting any kind of liquid on a PCB, If you want to fix the issue then RMA it.
  6. Yeah, I returned it yesterday, the bios got my hopes up but an hour later it started crashing again, returning the Gigabyte and ordering a 2gb Sapphire Vapor-X 5870, I figure they have higher quality ones and since they have more customers, have a better bios setup.
  7. Well I hope your new card works out alot better that your gigabyte one, althought I can't say I've had any trouble with my gigabyte hd5850
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