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Was planning on getting the raven 1 or raven 2. Just wanted to know which one you guys would suggest in terms of better cooling. Or if there was another you would suggest. Also would the thermax spire(?) fit in the raven? Plus woukd the enermax 620 eco be good enough for the system with a single 5850 plus mid to heavy oc? Thanks in advance guys.

Edit: apparently it was the spire thermax eclipse.
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  1. I have the Raven RV01, bought it over the RV02 because I thought the Megashadow would conflict with the PSU, but it doesn't seem like it would. The RV02 looks pretty cool, and most likely has better cooling. An Enermax 620 should be enough for one HD 5850 & a mild to heavy overclock. You'd probably be better off with the Megahalems or Venomous-X cooler.
  2. Im running with an amd system, could i mount the megahalems or venomous x on it? As for case looks like ill be getting the rv02 plus the 620 enermax psu.

    Edit: found an antec earthwatts 650 for approx $20 less..should i switch to that? Both are 80 plus.
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    The Venomous X-RT comes with one fan and AMD bracket.
    The Venomous X Black comes with AMD bracket/no fans.
    The Megahalems/Armageddon come with no fans and no AMD bracket.
    Like the Raven 2 alot and it has very good cooling.
    I would opt for the Antec if it's cheaper.
  4. If you can wait a while, see if you can wait for the RV02-E to come out. It will be slightly bigger and will come with Silverstone's Air Penetrator fans, which cost $75 for three. These fans improve the cooling a lot.
  5. Thanks amw1011, when would the tentative date of release be?hopefully it would arrive here in japan early.

    Edit: @davcon thanks for the advise on the cooler. Was wondering about the noctua nh14(?). Would that be good too?
  6. Do you guys think it would be better for me to play around with my current case (smilodon) for now (put holes for fans on top, paint the inside black) and wait for the rv02-e. The second choice would be to dive into the rv02 now. Suggestions?
  7. You should email Silverstone sales to see when it will be released and decide from that.
  8. Thanks again for the help guys! :p
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