What kinda of harddrive/setup should I get?

Right now I have a Seagates Momentum XT 500GB 7200 RPM drive for my laptop. It was put in because my old drive was on the way out. It was a 500GB 5400 RPM, not sure what brand. The laptop is an Asus G72GX so its a gaming laptop. Long story short I was playing CS:S one day and it started lagging hard core, but not from an online connection. After much research it turned out it was my harddrive which is a Hybrid. At first I heard it was the APM, but after shutting it off through programs and windows it didn't stop. I just formatted my harddrive so it wasn't because I reloaded an image onto it. Many on the Seagate forum have come to the conclusion that the firmware/drive themselves are the issue. Some claim that flashing back to a firmware worked.

So the question is what do I replace my drive with? I do some, but very little gaming on it (ironic I know). I do use programs such as Maya, Unity, and Photoshop which have also been effected by this lag. I watch movies and youtube videos (again suffered the stuttering problem). So which kind of harddrive benefits me the best? I feel based on what I have read SSD are not only still to expensive, but for most peoples needs not necessary. So it really comes down to another Hybrid (very wary) or just a regular drive. Does the Hybrid really benefit my type of use? One last note my laptop can apparently do two harddrives which could make the setup of a small SSD for the OS and a mechanical for the rest possible, but I am not sure if that worth it really especially budget wise.
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  1. No one? I really wanna get this harddrive soon because right now I can barely just surf the web on it :(
  2. So ill just keep talking to myself here. Right now I'm looking at the same (probably slightly newer model) version of the drive I have now. Which of course makes me weary, but its actually the best price per spec ratio right now. $69.99 free shipping with promo code. Same price on amazon and free shipping without promo code.

    My alternative is just a regular drive that's slightly cheaper, but loses some cache from 32 to 16 which isn't to bad.

    I figure I could potentially pare it with something like this and get the same effect of a hybrid that I can control

    But that would increase the cost a bit.
  3. Got an email asking if my question was answered -_- ironic.
  4. I can't say for certain which SSD drive is best but can relate my own experience. I have Intel SSDs on two computers (laptop and desktop) and have not had trouble so far with either. My laptop setup includes an SSD for the OS and some apps. with a SATA HDD for my data drive. The SSD drive has made a significant difference with bootup time. When I was using an HDD for the OS drive it took a while for the computer to boot. For me the improvement has been well worth the money spent.
  5. Yea $200 is a bit out of my prices range.
  6. What size SSD would you like to find? If what I read is true the laptop has two HDD drive bays. You could get an SSD to use as your primary (OS) drive and use the Seagate drive as a data drive. A 120GB SSD should do the job for the OS and some apps. SSD drives on Newegg for under $150:

    A bracket may be required to install the Seagate in the second drive bay.
  7. Well the problem is the $150 doesn't factor in the regular drive I need to buy which is like 80+90 so were right back were we started.
  8. I don't think your quite getting it, my current hard drive isn't good I need to buy a new one my options are A.) Buy the same hybrid and risk my same issue happening B.)Buy a regular non-hybrid hard-drive or C. Buy a relatively cheap SDD and a normal hard-drive to try to replicate the efficiency with hopefully a less headache.

    The questions are.

    1.Is the Hybrid really worth it? Sadly right now the Seagate Hybrid is one of the cheapest 500GB harddrives (as of the last time I posted a link) which puts me in a weird positron of trying again with the same drive that's failed me (Pretty sure because its a hybrid to).

    2. Finding a nicely priced, good speed, 500GB harddrive seems next to impossible their almost a $100 bucks which is weird considering I think 500GB has become a standard at this point.

    3.Is SSD+HD worth it for what I am doing? If yes then Id look into it, but price is an issue since I am not buying two HDs, but how much space do I really need on the SSD? And for that matter if some stuff is going to be on their can I reduce the size needed for the regular harddrive thus lowering the cost?

    The main thing here is Im looking for the best performance for the lowest price, but I will spend a little more if its worth it.
  9. You are right, I was not getting it. I found some 7200 rpm drives at Tiger Direct for less than $100. These are not hybrid drives and some are 500GB drives. I undertand you want one drive with excellent performance and one that will eliminate the lag you are experiencing.,Detail%3B17_43_1842_1842,Detail%3B18_160_877_877

    Did you add any new software or change any settings before you noticed the lag? Have you checked to see if anything is running in the background that may be a memory hog?
    I really can't comment on hybrid drives as I have never used one.
  10. Unfortunately it is the hard drive unless its another piece of hardware I did a full zero format and reinstalled to have the same issue still.

    Newegg has them slightly cheaper, still expensive. IDK if I trust Seagate anymore my current desktop is a WD and the desktop I had before was Seagate... the hd died...
  11. Personally, I prefer WD but have had little experience with internal Seagate drives. It sounds as though you have had noting but trouble with the Seagate hybrid drives. Did you do a clean install or a restore?
  12. Original was a restore, last one was a clean install. I think I might just get the WD one. Any chance of a price drop in the near future?
  13. Can't answer about a price drop. At what price level would you make a purchase? I only ask so that if I come across something I can let you know.
  14. Was looking for more $50-$70 instead of $80-$100 probably won't happen though.
  15. Thanks, I will let you know if I see any drives in that price range. There are some available at NewEgg:
  16. Those are desktop harddrives
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