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Hi all

I've decided to buy a new Motherboard. I found this Gigabyte one that will support my current AM2 processor, but will also allow me to use AM2+ and AM3 processors int he same socket - up to an Phenom II X6 1090T:

Great for me, as I can spend £45 now for the board and save up for a new processor, whilst using my current processor.

I'm into my gaming, and want something fast. Currently have an AM2 X2 looking to upgrade before I replace my 9600GT G-Card with something faster (GTS250...?) - avoiding a bottleneck.

Is it worth going for something flagship like the Phenom II X6 1090T, or will I see minimal gaming improvements for the extra £100 I will pay over something like the Phenom II X4 945?

I would prefer to 'future proof', but sometimes these things just aren't worth doing.

My only other concern is that this board does not support it worth spending a lot more on a board that does?

I'm sticking with AMD as my current kit can be used to enable a gradual upgrade process.


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  1. No. Put your money into a better power supply and try some overclocking with the 4 core phenom. I would also sell your old ddr2 and find a sata 6.0 and usb 3.0 board if you want it to last awhile. DDR3 has come down in price, as low as $75 after rebate for 2x2gb kits. Give it a day or two to sell your old ram. If you don't get any decent offers, then order the ebuyer board. I use my local craigslist or anandtech's for sale forum. I steered someone there yesterday and he's already sold almost all his stuff. Most of those traders are in the usa, so you can try listing on this website as well.
  2. Thanks o1die

    I think you're right in saying I should wait it out. I dont want to build yet another system that is out of date in a few months...although...i'm pretty sure a PC build today with all of the top kit will be out of date in a year anyway witht he way things go.

    The performance I get at the moment is good enough, but to improve it on the cheap would be a bonus, hence why I'm looking at these cheaper options.

    Hmm...I'll probably buy this board as it's a cheaper step-up for now, and look to build something much better next year when I should have more money to do it with.
  3. Games don't make use of hexas right now, nor in the near future, so i'd recommend you to get the PII X4 945, AM3 mobo with a 785g chipset, DDR3 RAM (DDR3 price has fallen greatly). As for the GPU, i suggest you get a HD 5750, you're on a budget right?
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