Intel I3 530 vs AMD Phenom II X2 555BE

Which one is faster and better for playing world of warcraft?
Also, does I3 have 2 cores + another 2 through hyper threading, making it a quad core?
And How would they perform against each other if I unlock the Phenoms other 2 cores?
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  1. 1. Hyper-threading doesn't make duals quads!. They will just work more efficient.
    2.IF you unlock the 3-rd and 4-th core on the X2 555, it will be a lot faster than the i3-530.
    3. I'd recommend you to forget these CPU's for gaming and get a nice Athlon II X3 445, it seems that you're on a budget.
  2. All the mentioned cpu's are good and the i3-530's gaming ability is undeniable.
    But so is the Rana's either one is a very good choice imo.
    Your budget will dictate what you decide.
    The X3 445 is cheaper and it also has the edge in Multitasking.
    An AMD build will allow you to fund a better gpu.
  3. I say get the x3 445 and get a better GPU as gaming is more dependent on the GPU rather than the CPU. Also as more games take advantage of multiple cores the x3 will show its strength over the dual cores.
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