Blue screen, what do I do now?!?

I was trying to unplug a 4 pin fan connector/molex cord to give it to my brother... all it had on it was my side fan & cathodes plugged into it.... So, I unplug the side fan cord, and then the molex & as soon as I did, a blue screen popped up for a sec. and shut down.

Now when I try to start it up again, it says "BOOT FAILURE: INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND HIT ENTER" so I do that and it brings up to install windows vista again, tried clicking the "repair computer" but it wont let me... should I just re install windows?

and is this going to cause me to lose what was on my comp?????? (games, music)
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  1. This is coming from a noob but did you do it when the computer was on? Maybe their were multiple molexes on that one line. I think that happens. Not 100% sure. But couldn't that have caused too much power to one of the other ones maybe crashing the HD? Try the HD in another computer?
  2. yeah the comp. was on... didnt figure itd matter being i was unplugging a fan and some lights.... HD is not connected with any molex, its got the sata cables in it
  3. Cathode lamps use a 'driver circuit' to change the 5/12v DC to a high voltage. Unplugging while on might have disconnected one of the power leads before the other and sent a 'kickback' down the other lead and fried some stuff. Or a small static discharge could do the same.

    Shut everything down, make-sure the PC is plugged in BUT NOT WITH THE PHYSICAL POWER SWITCH ON [at the back, or on the wall] - this means the case is still grounded. Touch bare case metal first to discharge static before touching any parts of the system, and don't walk around and touch stuff without doing this again. Wear cotton if at all possible and keep sleeves etc away.

    Check all plugs and connections in the system, and see if you inadvertently pull another plug out.

    Retest and report.

  4. When trying to install windows, it wouldnt pick up the HD....... I was pissed... as you can imagine, at the thought of my HD being erased...

    I decided to unplug the sata power cord and plug a dif. one off my PSU into it and it worked...... No explanation why... but it works now.

  5. Cool.
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