RAID 10 Recovery steps?

Hello, I recently setup a few servers with RAID 10 just in case a hard drive failed theoretically its supposed to be able to still function, and I can just replace the bad drive and rebuild the RAID with no data loss. Assuming this is correct....

My question is when a HDD fails on the RAID what happens? Like what screen would pop up, and how would I go about fixing it. I setup a RAID, but I have to wait until something messes up in order to find out what happens. I'd rather know ahead of time what i'm in store for, so I can fix it quickly and correctly.
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  1. Completely depends on the setup. Depending on what you are working with you can configure an email notification, you could have a hot spare avail, you could just see something within Windows if thats what you are running.

    Explain a bit more about how you set it up, and you should be able to get more specific answers. Before you put things into use it might be worth disconnecting one of the drives and swapping in a new one so you understand the process should it come up again.
  2. Very simple. Pull a drive and see what the software does to alert you that the Volume is decayed.
  3. you should always practice a failure scenario. Agree with above posters.

    Whatever RAID system you are using should also have a booklet or instructions. RTFM
  4. I'm just using a PCI raid controller. I'll try pulling a drive out and seeing what happens.
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