Odd & Sudden problem


* Windows 7 x64
* ATI Radeon HD 5850

so yeah, I woke up this morning and, after the windows loading screen, up
at the login screen, there would be no more display. Thought that was odd, because last night I've done nothing but install ffdshow and DivX codec.

I tryed to boot in safe mode to identify the problem, it did boot properly. So, from there, it was either services or drivers. I checked event viewer, and it said

Driver detected an internal error in its data structures for .

Thought I'd start off by uninstalling those hacked NVIDIA drivers I had for physX, also sweeped them. That didn't help, so next step was to uninstall the ATI drivers, which I couldn't in safe mode. I used sweeper to just remove the main files so it won't load up.

Reboot, and it works...

So the issue occurs when there ARE drivers on my system. I even re-installed the newest 10.4 drivers afterwards and got the same issue; i resweeped them and could get into Windows once again.

Odd, don't you agree? @_@
Outputs would be appreciated. :(
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  1. What happened when you are gaming?
    Did it run normal?
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