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Right just a couple of really nooby questions for everyone to help me with as im going to be building a new rig soon (my first ever) and im getting paranoid about all these little things that could go wrong.. My first wonder is will any USB keyboard and mouse work in the BIOS? or in windows 7 for that matter? im getting really confused here...its not cool.
And, when do i install motherboard drivers? when i first go into windows after installing it? So yeah, probobley stupid questions to ask but was just wondering..

Cheers guys
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  1. Keyboard should be fine, but the mouse driver isn't loaded in BIOS; at least I've never seen a sytem that allows you to use the mouse in BIOS.

    With Windows 7, chances are you won't need to install any motherboard drivers. Pretty much everything should work out of the box.
  2. There's a learning curve to all this. You would probably learn quite a lot after you get a build. You will learn quickly if things start going wrong. Seriously! :)

    About your questions, The BIOS does a keyboard check before it loads. A USB keyboard is loaded at POST and agree with Her_Koos that no BIOS uses a mouse. So you are safe on that. You would have no problems with a Keyboard and Mouse which is USB.

    Win 7 does everything for you. But if you want to update your drivers you can always do it. Just start up Windows and install. Only thing is untill the drivers are installed the part wont work. But after that its pretty much smooth.
  3. Ahh, thanks guys! :)
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