Having problems with green flickering and crashing

Hello there. Since september -08 I've had slight problems concerning my computer. I haven't been sure what made it so unstable at all so I've pretty much tried everything I've known could work.

Problem : I've got an ATI Radeon 4870x2 (dual core) gpu running on a more then capable power supply and have since when i bought it had problems in games. It's gotten worse lately, with things such as green "pixels" appearing in a cube form everywhere on the screen as well as many texture glitches, and many other weird stuff on the screen flimmering. I've been able to solve the problem by tabbing out of the game and then in again.. up til' some months ago. They now percistantly stays on and when i tab nowadays i often get either a bluescreen or just a black screen with those green pixels on it.
This problem can often be solved by flashing BIOS from what I've heard, but it hasn't helped at all. Neither have formating the harddrive and changing operating system from xp to vista to windows 7. I've also tried memtest without any problems. Heating on the gpu shouldn't be a problems since it's known to be a warm card that can handle the heat. I myself don't have alot of knowledge surrounding the subject, so I'd love if i could get some answers on what to do... I've got around 50 days remaining on my patience, and if it's not solved by then I'll pick up a sledgehammer and treat my computer to a hard treatment. :fou:

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  1. Try the monitor on another computer; it sounds like the monitor is failing.
  2. First of all, list all of your specs here...

    Did you check the card temps? It could be an overheating...
    Did you try the latest driver as well?
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