Anyone here know much about motherboard RMA's?

I only RMA'd a video card about 6 years ago, but I'm not sure how they work. Basically I'm wondering if my 2 products will be covered in an RMA.

I have a motherboard and video card that I bought (not positive on manufacturer date, but it's a 3 year warranty on both) and for whatever reason the video card fried my motherboard. I'm wondering if my motherboard and video card will have success when I RMA them, or if I should even bother.

I'm not sure whats wrong with the video card but I'm sure I did nothing to cause it. I don't know if there is ESD damage or not, but what do you guys think the outcome of an RMA would be if I did one?
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  1. If there are still under Mfg's warranty then you need to start ticket(s) with the corresponding Mfg's 'RMA' links. The process is pretty simple and can take 1~4 weeks to fully complete; average is 2~3 weeks.

    You 'might' want to see is a new PSU is the 'fix' before assuming Electro Static Discharge or 'other' damage.

    Q - What's going on? {yeah, I assume it's not working}

    If your PC was 'erratic' start/stops then chances are a faulty PSU...
  2. It's definitely not the PSU. Not only is it fairly new, but I've tested it with 2 different power supply testers and all turns out good.
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