I5 750 vs 760

I'm trying to figure out which one I should get. It seems like the 760 is fairly new. I'm looking at overclocking on air to 3.6ghz to 3.8ghz (probably just 3.6ghz for now). I'm curious if when OCing they both OC to the same limits on air. I think I've read both OC to 3.6ghz with no voltage tweaking or very little. I'm just wondering if the 760 is suppose to go further or if they are both basically the same chip with just different multipliers, same limits.

Unfortunately, I don't have a Microcenter near me so I can't get these processors cheap. Microcenter currently has a 760 for $180.00. It sucks. Newegg is selling theirs for $210 and the 750 for $195. However I have noticed that on Ebay the 750's are selling for around $160 to $170 including shipping. So as long as I purchase one from a good seller on Ebay, is it worth the extra $40 to get a 760 on Newegg? Unfortunately, there aren't very many 760s on Ebay and most are all buy now, selling around the same price as Newegg.
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  1. The 760 is going to OC higher, but not by much, about 80-100Mhz at best.
    In your case, save $40 and get the 750, not much of a difference.
  2. +1 for the Ebay i5-750.
    That $40 savings is going to pay for a good CPU cooler.
  3. CM Hyper 212 Plus on eBay $34

    and free shipping too. Nice!
  4. Thanks I actually already have a Hyper 212 Plus and it's pretty awesome. So I'm alright there.

    No problems with shopping on ebay? Just as long as they accept returns and have a high feedback rating, I should be ok? Any of you guys get your CPUs there? It looks like it can be a bit cheaper, especially if there is no Microcenter nearby.
  5. I've bought some parts over eBay without any problems. Just never a CPU.
    Since they're solid state, no moving parts and packaged well I'd say is pretty safe if you choose a good eBay vendor.
  6. i dont reccomend you to get computer stuff from ebay and the only diffrence between this cpus is the money and little higher speed believe me i5 750 will do the job for you you dont need to pay extra cash for little un-noticed performance if i were you i would get i5-750 right away the i5-750 is really nice processor with 8 MB cache and its speed is 2.66 with turbo it reaches 3.4 GHZ who will need more speed if you do trust me the i5-760 maybe better but the 750 can reach it performance easily and the base clock of both is 130 or 133 i dont know wich exactly of them but the 750 will be good for everything you need
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