Crucial 120GB M4 VS Intel 520 Series 120GB VS OCZ

Crucial 120GB M4 SSD OR Intel 520 Series 120GB OR OCZ Vertex 4?

Both the intel and OCZ cost the same here in Singapore.

The M4 is cheaper by just a bit.

Which SSD is the best? I'm open to other suggestions too :)
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  1. I would go with the OCZ vertex 4 if I had to choose between the three....the crucial drive is cheaper bc it uses a different controller and is slower than the other two.
  2. I would vote for Intel.
    Read this review of the 330 series which may be even cheaper:
  3. crucial m4 get my vote:)
  4. Omg. 1 vote for each haha. Which is the fastest? And will not degrade over time in terms of speed.
  5. patriot wildfire.. or OWC ..
  6. forget OCZ. Of the three, it is the least reliable. Intel is the most reliable.
    Speeds of Intel n M4 are on par. Can't go wrong with either. Intel 330 is almost same as 520, but only 3year warranty as opposed to 5yr warranty.
  7. Crucial 120GB M4 < Best of the bunch!!!!!
  8. Do take note that M4 doesnt come with a 3.5' mounting bracket while the intel 520 does, i got my 520 2 months back while my friend got the M4, found that out when we were assembling together, and im from sg as well :)
  9. yup, add the cost of mounting bracket + SATA3 cable =$8usd.

    Get the 520. It comes with it.
  10. Samsung 830 or Crucial M4.
  11. Get a Kingston HyperX 3k 120gb, I did A LOT of research coming from an old-school RaptorX and this one blows away 99% of the other ssd's in the same price tier. I snagged one for $85 including a $35 rebate and it is absolutely jaw dropping instant fast. Tomshardware ranked it very high on their list for price/performance, best buy for the money IMO.

    Great durability, amazing speed, good price, snag it and be impressed.
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