Core 2 Duo E6700 Temperature?

My stock Core 2 Duo E6700 runs at about 55 degrees Celsius when idle using a crappy coolermaster. I haven't ran any games on it yet, but I plan to. Also, I'm using an Antec 300 case, so is that temperature fine, or is it too hot, and I should get a new fan.
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  1. you are asking how to improve chill of the cpu get good airflow case i would get thermaltake element s or g then get thermaltake frio but first check the cpu cooler compatibilty with your motherboard socket i think your mobo socket is LGA 775 or you can check cooler master v8 cooler
    good luck
  2. Run the games. Check the temps. Then decide what you want to do.
  3. jsc said:
    Run the games. Check the temps. Then decide what you want to do.

    yeah exactly dont run games download everyst system stability check start the benchmark for 5 minutes and check how far your cpu temps will reach if it doesnt reach danger level then your set because this software will load your cores 100% this is the perfect way to check your cpu load and temps but really 55 C is high temp my stock i7 cooler runs my cpu cores to 37-41 C idle and im from kuwait very hot weather country just like i told you earlier get good airflow case and new heat sink fan and good thermal paste then your set
    if you needed any further help you can contact me by private messaging
    good luck.
  4. johnny, he does not say that he's an overclocker.

    If you want to drive the temps to max, run Prime95 for about 10 minutes. Keep your load temps under 70 C.

    But if you are talking about stability, run something like Prime95 for 24 hours for both the small fft's and the blend test.

    OTOH, I should have told him to get a better cooler. But Tom knows that already. The Antec 300 is a case that has good airflow.

    I am just south of you in Dhahran. It's hot here also, but I have air conditioning. :)
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