Do you think they'll cost $100 soon? I'm trying to decide whether I should just go with a 128GB drive (Samsung for $89.99) or wait for a good deal on a 256.
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  1. 128GB drive (Samsung for $89.99) great deal buy it,fantastic SSD.
  2. That is a good deal for Samsung. I've seen a few sales for 256GB drives, in recent weeks $179 OCZ Vertez 4 and $189 Cruicial m4.
  3. Prices fall over time. For most users a 128 is about the sweet spot(long as you have a hard drive for all those extra files you need to store).

    I have seen the M4 256 as low as 169.99 @ ncix

    Either way, if you can hold out, prices always drop over time of electronics.
  4. Price keep falling but 256GB drives are at around $175 and 128GB drives are around half that. You can find some great sales lately with top tier Samsung 830 256GB drives as low as $170. You might have to wait a few weeks tofind those great prices on the top level drives.
  5. If I get the 128GB and only plan on having the OS and a few games at a time, would I be fine just having an external drive for music, podcasts, and other downloads? If so, do you guys have any reliable 2-3TB external drives you'd recommend?
  6. 2-3TB external drives you'd recommend < western digital caviar black
  7. If it just for files, you may actually go green or LP. I have not noticed any down side to swapping to green(Seagate LP 2TB 5900 rpm) drives for both files and backups.

    Just dont try to use them for anything other then storage :)

    I also have a WD Black 2TB , but it is far hotter(and louder) then its power saving companions so I do not dare use it in a enclosure without some kind of cooling or a 5.25 inch enclosure to get air room. It is very fast and makes a great internal drive for programs that you do not want on the SSD.

    Seagate has new drive that is actually faster, but makes some of the most loud head parking EVER(when ever it is idle for a bit).
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