I3 530 Vs Phenom x2 555

Which one is faster and better for playing world of warcraft?
Also, how would they perform against each other if I overclock the 530 and unlock the other 2 cores of the 555?
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  1. The i3 is going to be faster, it is more expensive.
    Keep in mind that WOW only uses 2 cores, so unlocking wont help the game much.
    However the Phenom is a nice OC also, should go up to 3.8Ghz.
  2. The i3 itself is more powerful at stock then the Phenom II X2 555 but the Phenom II X2 can overclock well (I heard it goes behold 4Ghz).
  3. Here's a set of CPU benchmarks for WoW, but it's outdated with no 530 listed.


    Unlocking 2 cores in the 555 would work about as well as the 955BE.

    Here's where you can look for a benchmark comparison.

    While WoW is set to run on 2 cores by default you can manually set it by affinity masking. Here's the long forum post with many Blue posts about how it's done.

  4. WR2 said:

    Same thing with the Phenom II some chips overclock well some don't. I have seen a 940 with a stock cooler go over 3.8Ghz.
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