Video card too hot?

I have this 8800GT for many many months and it hasn't been a problem until recently. Recently, my games such as BFBC2 and Oblivion 4 crashes to desktop randomly. After crashes, I would load it again and it would be fine until next random crash.

I suspect the video card temperature is too hot.
I installed SpeedFan 4.34 and it says that the video card is 72 (c) on desktop and when playing Oblivion 4 at high settings it goes up to 80-81 (c). I think this is extremely hot.

I have antec 900 and I feel the case is cool and the air that is coming from the back and top is also cool, so I'm not sure why it would overheat.

What do I need to do?
Maybe I have a different problem?

I never crash when not playing game. I never have BSoD.
I'm on WinXP Pro SP3 32bit. Directx9. 4GB RAM (only 3.x GB used, I know).
I have 3 SATA hard drives and an IDE DVD DL Burner (Pioneer).
I have AMD Athlon II X2 235 I think. No overclock.
As mentioned, my computer case is Antec 900.

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  1. I have a NZXT Tempest case & a gtx 285, when I play BC2, the hottest my card will get is 65. Thats with fan speed at 70.

    Do you get to play a while before it kicks you? Time for your card to heat up? or does it kick you fast?

    Could be video card drivers... other than that.... I dont know... Very well could be your card overheating.
  2. It's not the card if I'm hearing this right its within the DirectX files of Windows.

    Try to update your:

    DirectX Drivers>
    Graphics Card Drivers>

    and if it still is having issues then try a re-install of those games that are having the problems, as far as the TEMPS are conserned you should just enter BIOS and set the TEMP Failure for overheating purposes like for instance if the GPU does get to hot the computer will turn off by itself saving the hardware from failure and further damage you may also want to check FAN SPEEDS along with TEMPS @ idle.

    I hope this will help!:)
  3. I used to have an 8800gt last year. I kept getting high temps running into 80*C. This made my games run fine for a few minutes, but after a few minutes or so my screen would start artifacting and the games would crash.

    My solution which worked for me was downloading RivaTuner from Rivatuner allows you to change your fan speed manually, for some reason my gpu fan wasnt kicking in strong until well into the 70s. The only issue with keeping your fan speed high, it is just noisy, but you can change it back to auto whenver you want for non gaming.
  4. if you havn't cleaned your pc out, perhaps that is the cause of your problem. the graphics card fan could be clogged with dust, causing these high temps. if so, just remove the gpu and wipe out the dust. i use an paintbrish for this
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