Gta 4 on 9500gt 1gb ddr2

Hello, is nvidia 9500gt 1gb card can play gta 4 smoothly
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    No it won't play it smoothly because 9500GT is a low-end card for gaming
  2. Ah old memories.. GTA IV made me change my card from a 7800GTX to a HD 4870.. But still i could not play it very smoothly.. There were occasional hiccups.. In my case i guess my C2D E6750 was the culprit.. You require a good quad core CPU and definitely a better card than the 9500GT to play it smoothly..
  3. 9500GT is a weak card, GTA 4 is a demanding resources game, at least you must have quad core CPU and mid-end vga to play it smoothly...
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