Is it still worth buying the ATI 4850?

Hey guys,

Just a quick question to ask whether or not the ATI 4850 is still worth buying. I know its an older generation card but from what i've heard it is still a good bugdet card and good peformer. Or, should i go with the newer generation of cards e.g ATI 5750/5770, which have newer technologies such as directx 11 and what have you. The 4850 is nearly half the price so im leaning towards that option a bit more as i am on a pretty tight budget and no, i dont have a crossfire enabled mobo so crossfire is out the window. SO is it worth the extra bob to get a newer generation card? is dx11 really worth the extra money?

Cheers guys
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  1. If a 4850 is half the price of a 5750 for you then definitely grab a 4850, it performs just as good as a 5750, and the added features arent worth a significant price jump, if its like $5-10 more for a 5750 then sure, but if its almost twice the price its certainly not worth it and the 4850 will still do quite well.
  2. get HD 5770 or 5850 its very good and better from the 4850 this two cards i told you about have DX 11 ati eyefinity and GDDR5 memory and the 5770 is really budget card and the 5850 its performance card and really have good price
    good luck
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