How to put Externals HHD into Internals with RAID!

i have decided to put my external HHD into my Desktop,
because i have 4 WD externals, so i figured that the 6 Tera
External will be best ( 2x 3 Tera with RAID connection ),
after connecting both of them to my desktop i looked for
them in My Computer but i didn't find any of them!
and this is what i got from the device manager:-

Please tell me how to make a RAID between the two to show up
in My Computer as one 6 Tera HHD as it was in the external unit?

one more thing: is my data recoverable or not?
it's O.K. if i have to put them back inside their external unit.

excuse my lack of experience, but please help!
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  1. You cannot do what you've done. It appears your RAID array in the external case was a RAID 0. The details of how data are stored and retrieved on RAID 0 are NOT standardized, and depend entirely on the controller running the array. The controller inside your desktop is NOT the same as the one in your external case, so it "sees" the drives as empty because it cannot understand any of their data.

    I really hope you have NOT tried to Partition or Format or Initialize those drives inside your desktop. As long as you have not written anything to them (you have only tried to see if they are present in Disk Manager), their data should be safe.

    Remove the drives from the desktop and re-install them in the external enclosure. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you replace them in exactly the same slots they were in to begin. So, if you have them marked or remember which one goes in which slot, do that. If not, try it one way (your chances of being right are 50%) and try only to "see" them in My Computer. If you cannot see all your files immediately, shut down right away and reverse the mounting. Then try again. If you're lucky, there will be no data alterations and your external enclosure's RAID controller will recognize the drives and use them again.
  2. thanks for you reply,
    1st i am sure that i didn't do any thing to them when they where inside my pc,
    but to be more sure what exatly is Intialize?
    2nd i tried to but them back as they where,
    also i am sure that the one labeled A is on the right & B on the left,
    also i checked all my WD externals was the same.
    but they didn't show up in My Computer,
    also they are unallocated inside the device manager!
    what's more strange that they are appear as the same Disk,
    but not equal in size; 2048 GB & 3521 GB.
  3. "Initialize" is a term sometimes used for the combination of two actions that need to be performed on a new empty drive to get it ready for use. It involves both Creating a Partition (first step) and Formatting that Partition. These actions completely write over any previous data in the Partition Table and Directory areas of the HDD, so they will destroy previous data there, making it very difficult to recover any user data previously on the HDD. I would guess you did not do that, so your old data may be OK.

    The re-assembled external unit does not show up in My Computer because that unit apparently has not recognized the HDD's you put back. I deduce that from the fact that Disk Manager shows you odd data for the two HDD's separately. By the way, you keep saying Device Manager, but the graphic you posted looks more like the display of Disk Manager. Is that right?

    MAYBE you should try reversing the installation of the two units inside the enclosure to see if they can be recognized that way. If that does not work right away, shut it down. Contact Tech Support from the Enclosure maker and ask them how to get that unit to recognize the replaced HDD units as a RAID0 array WITHOUT damaging the data they already contain. You may have to change a setting or something in its configuration. However, such adjustments are unique to the RAID controller system, and I cannot tell you what to do. Their Tech Support people ought to know.
  4. thanks for your replay,
    1. i didn't do "Initialize", as you guessed.
    2. your right also i meant Disk manager, i am used to writing Device!
    3. i tried to reversing the disks, i got the same results.
    4. i well contact the tech support for this problem.
    thank you so much for your help.
  5. it's been two days since i have contacted the e-mail support,
    they didn't answered & i am really worried,

    Q: Is there any reliable program to fis the Raid configuration?
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