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Hi guys, ive got a Cosmos s case and wondering about buying some more fans to cool her down, shes pretty silent atm even with my gtx 285 reaching 80C at 79% fan speed so i dont want noisy fans :P

Any ideas of what fans i can buy for her? I see at the roof of my case it can hold 3 fans, will 3 new fans cool her down alot?

Alos i prefer fans that glow up.

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  1. Firstly, referring to your case as 'her' is kinda creepy...

    now that thats out of the way, i recommend the High CFM coolermaster fans. 90CFM at only 26dB, and they have LEDs in them too.
  2. PCs and cars are always hers :P, can you give me a UK link please?


    I have only 1 fan where he has 3 ect.

    And theres 3 that go along the top too.

    Will adding 5 fans make my pc much cooler?

  4. Bump
  5. It will most likely have a significant impact yes.

    you cant expect 20 degrees drops, but depending on the temps of your components now you may well see some nice improvements.


    not sure where you can buy them at good prices in the UK, btu you can take the part number from there and try your best stores.
  6. I love this case. Gonna get one on my next build.

    I can't remember what is comes with. You going with:

    1 front - on HDD cage, 3 top (adding 2, as 1 included), 1 back, 1 side 200 mm.

    You should add 1 bottom. This one should really help with GPU cooling. I think a 120mm fan will fit, if not 140mm. Don't need an LED as no one will see it.
  7. I cant put fans on the bottom i dnt think, since it will take up alot of room it does have a gaze there for one but my cables are there at the moment.

    only top front and inside, the side panel has a massive fan on it so no need for a side panel.

    The back has a pretty big fan on it too so im just looking for a few cheap fans for the front and top mainly to suck the hot air out.

    Well i was hopeing 20C lol i mean 5 more fans? The top and front can fit 3 each.

    Warning if you get this case make sure you have room, its like 5ft high haha, i was shocked when it arrived its soo huge!!
  8. Ok ive been looking on this site what fans you think are half decent?

    Ive been checking out the ones for only £6 :)

    Heres a screenie of my temps atm

    Uploaded with

    Thats 10 mins after playing DOW2 so it cools down pretty fast but during play i want it to stay cooler too
  9. So anyone know what 5 more fans will do to my temps?

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