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Hey guys, just a quick question. i have my i5 760 2.8 oc'd to 4.0 and was wondering what are good temps?

On idle the average temp over all four cores is 42 degrees and when running Prime95 they get to about 75-80 degrees but then it drop to 50ish when the cpu underclocks itself then steadily rises again.

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  1. 80C is a serious temp if you ask me.
  2. Temps around 70 degs C and over will definitely reduce CPU life. Even idle temps of 42 degs C is high. For comparison, my i7-920 OCed at 3.82 GHz is now running at 30 degs as I type this.

    High temps usually indicate a CPU/heatsink assembly issue.

    I suggest that you re-install the CPU/heatsink using industry accepted practices. This site has plenty of guides in the New Build section. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/288241-31-read-posting-buyer-guides-troubleshooting
  3. thanks. will repost with updates afterwards.
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