I7 build - HELP!

heyas just wonderin if i could get a few tips on my build im making in the next 1-2months.

Ive already scoped out the

i7 875k unlocked cpu (1156 socket)
p7p55d-e pro
msi hawk variant of ati's 5770
corsair H50 liquid cooler

Just wondering what would be the best ram to go with this between $100 - 150

what PSU would be best keeping in mind i may get another msi hawk for crossfire in the future.

and finally. a case to pu tit all in. atm i have a thermaltake xaser III can i get away with using this case with my cooler or should i get another one. if so which one

Thanks for all ur help guys
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  1. Hello, it seems like you are looking to achieve a maximum OC so I would think 1600MHz is an obvious choice.

    I'd suggest the G.Skill Ripjaws 1600MHz, if you want to get some memory which is great value. I'd link but I'm not sure where you want to buy from.

    Also are you sure you need an i7? What are you doing with your PC? Maybe a i5 750 will be better suited?

    Maybe a CORSAIR CMPSU-650TX would be a pretty good choice for you considering you want to Crossfire. .

    Hope that helps.
  2. yes max OC was my goal, more for bragging rights than anything else (first 4.0ghz OC in my house hopefully!)
    Ripjaws, awesome.
    Well no im not sure but im after something that will be a good platform for the future say new graph or watever without having to buy a new rig. and as i understand only 2 cores are used in gaming as thats how the games are written atm. but im takin into acct that it wont be taht way forever and soon 4cores will be the norm
    650 w should be enough for now?

    thx for constructive reply :D
  3. Yes you should achieve a 4GHz OC fairly easily. Good luck with that, I really only OCed to 4GHz for bragging rights also, =]. Now I've got my new i3 530 build in pieces waiting for the cooler. Hopefully I will be able to break a sub 10 second SuperPi time, been my dream for a while now. =P

    "future say new graph or watever"
    New graph?
    You mean you want a system that you can just upgrade the CPU?, I'll assume this is what you mean. If you want an upgradable system you should go with AMD as they offer great upgradability, they will have new Processors coming out for a new socket but they will be backwards compatible with AM3. If you are interested about this option just say so.

    Anyway the big difference between the i7 and i5 is that the i7 has Hyperthreading. Which you may have heard of, 8 threads? This means it has 4 "fake" cores, these are not often however some CAD and rendering applications can make use of them. But games certainly can't and I think it sometimes lowers performance.

    Yeah 650W will happily run your 2 5770s.
  4. Awesome thanks for the help.
    When i said new graph i meant i want my rig to be able to handle any new graphics card i may throw at it in the future (eg dx12)
    Hmm im not a draftsman yet but im aiming to be in the future. being able to have that option open is not very important but if i can get it, it would be nice for later.

    would hyperthreading make a huge amount of difference in using archiCAD and other drafting software? the i5 750 is a quad core as well just without hyperthreading
  5. I'm not too sure about ArchiCAD, I looked it up and I found this:

    "In ArchiCAD it means that a LightWorks rendering will not be faster on a Hyper-threading processor than on a single-core processor. In fact the rendering may even be slower if Hyper-threading is enabled, due to the architectural peculiarities of the Hyper-threading processor. Yet, some users report a 15% speed improvement with hyperthreading enabled."

    However that's only for v12 so they might have added better support by now but I don't know.
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