How to fix corrupted files in external hard drive

need help. my external hard drive was corrupted. I can't open any folders on my files. All folders were converted to shortcut files. Every time I tried opening the files, error "cannot find recycler.exe file" prompts.
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  1. Sounds like either there is a virus on your computer or that your hard drive is toast. You can try hard drive recovery tools such as Disk Digger for free. You can also try to repair the drive using HDat2 or Vivard from a bootable disk by taking the hard drive out of the enclosure and plugging it in directly to the motherboard.
  2. Malware. Run Malwarebytes Anti Malware in safe mode, reboot, then run it normally.
  3. open command prompt find out what drive its in like (:e) type chkdsk :c say if I was checking my hardrive at the end I would type /r so

    chkdsk :c /r

    that would backup and repair the hardrive :)
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