Anti static wrist guard

Anti static wrist guards seem like a necessity for me, if only for peace of mind. What do you think?
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  1. always in you best interest to be ESD safe, you don't want to kill your pc components by shocking them, better safe than sorry

    i get these at my job for free ;), just clamp to your case or to a ground

    you could also wear ESD safe gloves
  2. huh didn't know there was such a thing. im about to get ready to order all my parts and im scared now lol.

    for $3.50 y not but what do they clip on the case? and what is the case suppose to be sitting on?

    what about those anti static mats (25"x25") that are like 19.00 bucks are those used with the wrist guard or instead of? and what you set the case on it and then clamp it to the case?
  3. you can clip anywhere on the case thats metal

    keep the case off carpet and don't stand on carpet while working with ESD sensitive components

    for the most part just by touching the case while your working on the insides with no strap or gloves is sufficient to ground yourself to prevent static

    but to be safe i wear ESD safe gloves when i work on my PC

    mats really not necessary unless you need to lay things on it like a GPU or ram, things like that
  4. I build on a sheet of anti-static foam.
  5. well iv watched some videos and they all said if you touch the grounded case your fine just don't move around well my house always has ppl in it and lots of carpet so me trusting my self to remember to touch the case/ps and all that, ya wont happen lol.

    how are these products don't know if ill get the mat but ill pick up a wrist strap
  6. yea its not too exspensive.. $20 for a mat is kinda much tho, if u need to work on something just use the any ESD bag, like the one used to hold your motherboard
  7. My sheet of anti-static foam was free. Had it for several years, I forget what was wrapped in it.
  8. I always use an anti-static mat and wriststrap, on wood floor. I got the pair for like $7-8 at Frys, not a bad investment, esp considering the cost the computer parts. -_-

    Although, side note, I have a friend who's built 3 of his $2k+ gaming rigs all on carpet without antistatic equipment. >.<
  9. Yeah I don't use anything special. I plug the PSU in and turn turn it off. Then I touch the PSU continuously and I've never had a problem.
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