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Hi all. So, I'm basically debating getting a 2nd 5850 for crossfire. I was browsing current prices and selection at some local retailers. Specifically looking at Sapphire cards since that's what I already have.
Anyway, it appears that they are using a new heat sink. I'm wondering if anyone has a little more knowledge into it. They labelled the exact card I bought as the Game Edition. I also saw that a local retailer has a version that comes with CoD: MW2, but it's using the different heat sink design. So is it just an updated heat sink? I kind of want them to be identical - you know, mild OCD type thing - but I guess if the only difference is the cooling capacity then it's not a big deal. I think I can still get my version, although the Dirt 2 copy will go to waste (or a friend). Mainly I just want to be able to OC the new one without an restrictions - I've heard some cards need to be BIOS flashed to OC. Curently my 5850 is at 985/1200 max OC with a little more voltage (1.237V) and temps are fine, burn tests max out at 78C. If they're the exact same card tho... I guess the better cooler can be the top slot since it has less room to breath.

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    Hmm, actually a very important question. The new version does not have a black PCB, that means it has a Sapphire custom one. That means it could have the non-software-adjustable VREGs. Browse around for things like Sapphire OCing or even Newegg reviews to see if it still can have the voltage adjusted.
  2. Ah you're right!! Looks like it's indeed voltage locked. Well, that just won't do! I'll have to pick up the reference model before they're impossible to find! Plus, if it's in at my local place, they're selling them for $298 :)
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