How can you tell if a graphics card will work with your mobo

So, while I was looking for a graphics card for my first build, it dawned on me: Will every graphics card work with my mobo?
I'm using a DX48BT2, and I was looking at a AMD HD 6850.
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  1. From one first time builder to another, yes.

    Current graphics all run through the PCI Express 2.0 slot, of which there may be one, or several on any given motherboard.

    Generally, the more important question it one of form. Will the graphics block any other slots on the motherboard? Will the entire assembly fit in the case?

    Also, in the case of using SLI or Crossfire, does the motherboard have:

    A. Two or more slots

    B. Using those slots, and assuming one card doesn't block the other's slot, what will they run in? Most commonly, I've found motherboards will run a single at x16, with two at x8, although, some will put pair at x16 and x8, while other's run at x16, x4, for "power consumption", although that quote may be unreliable, so do your research.

    This may garner the "well duh, it's all gotta fit in the case!" response, but it's the same as tech support. Gotta point out the obvious first. :D

  2. You might want to make sure your psu can handle the new card.
  3. Yeah, any card will work in any board as long as it's PCIe.

    If you want to Crossfire those cards, you don't want nVidia chipset, you want AMD. I think some Intel chipsets support either crossfire and SLI.

    Like the poster above said, just make sure your PSU can handle it.
  4. I looked up the MB, it's an Intel 775. So, what CPU are you running? Are you OC'ing it?

    If your CPU is too weak there would be no point in putting in a GPU that powerful.... (ah, 775's are pretty old..)

    You need :
    - 650 watt PS (your supply might be too small & might not have the required PCI-E power connectors)
    - cooling for the big card at least two 120mm or above fans one case intake one case exhaust
    - a case Big enough to fit the card, without hitting the hard drive cage
  5. Im going to use a XClio Windtunnel, so I shouldn't have to worry to much about heat or space.
    And I'm plannign on using a Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 CPU.
    So hopefully that's all a functional combination.

    I'm open to any changes people might suggest through
  6. Ah, yet, that case should keep things crazy cool..

    Again an E7500 will likely keep the 6850 from hitting its' full potential FPS. Once you get the card, download and install FRAPS. Find a good game demo to run. Then run the demo and note your frame rates for the on-screen display....

    If they drop to 20 FPS or so you can try to OverClock that E7500 and you should pick up a few FPS..... (I had to run my E8400 at 3.8Ghz to maximize FPS using my old 4850 GPU....)
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