Upgrade from 4850 crossfire to single 5850?

I just purchased the amd 955 today from Newegg to replace the phenom II x4 9550 that's currently in my Alienware 101b. I'm now considering replacing my 2o Visiontek 4850's that came with the rig in crossfire to just 1 XFX 5850. What do you guys and gals think? Would I be able to offload the Visiontek cards fairly easily? They have about 1 week use on them.
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  1. Well, you'd see about the same performance with the 5850, however you would get the benefits of DX11 and much lower power consumption. Browse ebay I guess if you want to see the general selling price for used 4850's
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    Since performance between 2x4850 is about the same level with 5850 then i guess you will better stay with your current setup...
  3. Well, if you have any gamers around in your town, try and sell locally first, as you can squeeze out a few more pennies, then resort to online selling.

    If I'm able to sell an $800 comp for $1500, you can sell 2 video cards, easily :)
  4. If you can get most of the 5850's cost from selling the 4850s, that would be a decent swap.
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