Check my old pc and tell me what i should have done with it

the rig was
intel DG31PR
intel core 2 duo 2.66 GHZ the model number i actually dont remmeber it exactly but it was like E7xxx or something like that
nvidia geforce 9400 GT
2 GB DDR2 667
thats my old crappy pc before i was desperate from maxing any game when i play GTA 4 on that crap it was like laggy no like turtle
i didnt know anything about computer that time
tell me before i sell that crap how coul i turn it to gaming pc
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  1. The rig isnt too bad. You could play games on it real easy by swapping a part or two.

    First, as you know, the video card is slow and old. Check out the article on the front page of the site, they did a Best Card for the money article. That should help, as your choice is pretty much budget related.

    Second the RAM could be bumped up to 3 gigs. Any more would be a waste unless you are running 64 bit OS. If so get 4 gigs.

    Third if cpu is e7x00 series, that is pretty decent. You can overclock if the mobo will allow, otherwise, even at stock it will do OK. Most of the work is in the video card.
  2. Any dual core processor should be sufficient enough to run games, the graphics card will need updating of which is what causes the lag mostly. The RAM could be increased to allow the programs to 'breath' whilst being used. Overall the system isn't that bad at all.
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