Would an ssd help stop lagging in games

would an ssd help stop lagging in games

games like gta 4 bf3 and max payne 3
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  1. Most likely no. That's probably due to your CPU/gpu/memory. SSDs only really affect load times, so unless your lag is due to an area load...

    GTAIV is horribly coded and lags even on good systems.
  2. so i dont need an ssd and my games aint lagging i was thinkin of gettin one
  3. No one needs an SSD. sleep mode is faster startup. unless you open and close programs constantly, play games with lots of load time or have a laptop. Once something is in memory an SSD does no good, so with 8GB which is cheap you are usually fine. Just depends on how you use your machine.

    Samsung 830 and crucial m4 are great though. If you want one get at least 128GB.

    Here's a good deal.

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  4. well i play games like gta 4 driver and im gettin battlefiled 3 and duke nuken forever
    and i do surf the net causal
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