Server 2008 domain DHCP problem

Hello i dunno if im in the right thread location here but if im not then please let me know.

my problem is i have a domain controller set up on server 2008 and DHCP. i have windows xp workstations which automatically are assigned an ip address from the DHCp which is normal. but if my server is turned off, i can still sign into the domain with a workstation without the ip address. i thought that if your server is turned off it would be impossible to get into the domain. someone told me that the domain info is stored in a cache which allows the workstation to connect to a turned off domain controller. but what i want to do is disable that, so that the workstations are totally dependent on the server and requires the server to be turned on for connection to the domain. please help me. i appreciate it
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  1. oh wait
    i tried the local policy option and disabled it by entering "0" . i did this on my workstation side and i even did it on the server local policy and i can still sign in with certain accounts!!! but not with others .SIGH. ideas anyone?
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