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AMD Phenom II 965 x4 BE c3 heat problem

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August 17, 2010 7:03:07 PM

I originally wanted to overclock but when look at the temperature (stock clocks) its idle at 45 celcius. Under load I it goes above 56 celcius. My CPU is cooled using a coolIT Domino A.L.C Liquid Cooler. It isnt regulated by the motherboard which is ASUS M4A79XTD EVO. I really would like to reduce my temperature greatly so I may overclock. Heres a pic of my rig:

It has 1x 230mm fan at the top
1x 120mm fan infront as intake
1x140 fan for CPU

I plant to put in 2 60mm fans near the graphics cards and another 120mm fan at the front but im not sure how much that will effect the tremperatures

PS. The cooler screen show the temperature of the liquid which it uses to increase the speed of the fan upon. At 45 celcius it reads liquid temp at 38 celcius and runs at 2000rpm with pump speed 3234rpm
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August 17, 2010 10:39:22 PM

I am not familiar with the Domino cooler but I have read they are not that good but on its own I don't think its causing the problem. It could be thats its getting hot air straight from the 2 graphics cards, to remedy you could try reversing your air flow (I have seen this recommended for the corsair H50) ie set the front to exhaust and the top and domino fans to intake or even just change the domino one to intake. if this doesn't help then it may be the cooler is installed badly or just not working correctly, you could try the stock cooler for comparison if you got one. I just tested some coolers at this link if you want to compare temps
August 18, 2010 12:50:29 AM

None of the fans are controlled by the motherboard. Its all voltage controlled so I cant reverse them. This is the second Domino I have got after I was told that my first one was faulty. I will definitely investigate if the cooler is in place. I should proabably mention that I didnt build my PC and that I had it custom made. I've had so many problems with this computer. Just about every part has been replaced :( 

I had overclocked it before for like 2 hours at 3.8Ghz which ran at 1.47v