Crossfire PSU and Mobo

I'm building a new pc in a couple of days and getting a HD 5830 with the intent of adding a second later.

Will this PSU be good enough for crossfire

if i get a couple of because it needs 2 6-pin each. Will there be enough connectors and do you need to put 2 4-pins or just one in the adapter?

What would be a good/cheap AM3 mobo that will support crossfire? Do you need 2 x16 bandwidth slots? Whats the performance difference if you use a x8 or x4 slot?

Will be with:
Phenom II x4 965
4Gb 1333MHz DDR3
Antec 200 case with extra 120mm fan
2x500Gb HDDs in Raid 0
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  1. get that instead

    Yea you need 2 4-pins to make the 6-pin, you will have plenty of spare ones for this.

    This motherboard would work well, though its not true crossfire with only 16x and 8x, though the performance decrease is pretty minor. Stepping up to this would give you the full crossfire, as well as some more updated features. I would stick with that 790 board.

    I would drop down to the Phenom II X4 955, because the 965 is only factory overclocked, by one multiplier, this is something you can do yourself with one click, for $40 less...
  2. 1. You would want at least 8/8 on PCIex16 gen 2.0 for CF
    2. Why not try to hit a HD 5850 and stick to single GPU solutions?
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