Intel Chipset Failure (Yes, it's been done)

Searching and searching, I find little information on the Intel recall on their 1155 motherboard chipset. I understand why, but not what they've done to fix it. Reading every article and all the comments I can find, I've gleaned this:

1. The problem is due to the quality of the silicon used in the SATA controllers, although it normally only affects the 2+ slots, not 0 and 1, and normally only rears its head in high workload situations.


2. Intel's recall was immediate, although the market, still being full of pre-recall boards, is a minefield. I heard that their solution was to release (this is a quote here) "K series boards that have fixed the issue", although almost immediately after, someone was complaining about Intel continuing using "known good configurations", implying they were still releasing motherboards with bad silicon, yet had not yet shown the wear and tear, therefore having potential for future failure.

Now, most of this is second-third-fourth-hand information, and short of calling up an engineer working for Intel, I haven't a clue how else to get the reliable information I wish to have.

So here, I collaborate with you good people, and ask: Is the above true, false, or somewhere in between? How much can be marked up to speculation of the half-assed populace of the boards I read? And most importantly, what can I look for to ensure I don't get a bad motherboard of the 1155 chipset? (Note: Not "What's some good models?", but rather, "Is there a model # prefix to look for on good boards, or something along those lines?")

I thank you in advance for your responses, numerous or sparse as they may be

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  1. All the fixed/new boards shipped include a B3/REV 3.0 inclusion in their description.
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