Power Surge blew out computer - how to fix?

Power surge blew out the laptop so it wont turn on. How would someone repair this? Someone brought it to me to fix. Besides buying a new mobo obviously, looking for a technical response here. Thanks a bunch guys.
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  1. Get a new laptop.
  2. omnisome said:
    Get a new laptop.

    Dude...trying to figure out what this power surge would burn out. To get the technical knowledge, what would be repaired not a "buy a new laptop". Feel kind of talked down too.
  3. Sincere apologies but the chances are that this power surge has killed the laptop entirely.
  4. Test the power supply first.





    Video card if that laptop has upgradable video

    Display panel's back light

    LCD panel

    Hard disk drive(s) / SSD

    CD/DVD/BR drive if there is one


    Any external devices that may have been attached to any ports when it happened

    Most, if not all, of these components are modular.
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