Sata 3 ssd or sata 2 ?

my mb only supports sata 2 so would it be worth buying a sata 3 ssd and let that get capped at 300mbs or shall i get a sata 2 ssd in which i could get more storage since its cheaper.

would it be worth it performance wise. it would be the difference between me getting a 60gb ssd and a 128 ssd
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  1. or would it be better to get this

    the second is a sata 3 drive and the first a sata 2 which one would give me better performance, im not sure whether the read and writes are halved or whether they just get caped at 300mbs

    thanks in advance
  2. My first choice would be 128gb Samsung 830. Take a look at this article for discussion of SATA II/III, bottom line is just get a good drive:,3110.html

    Also take a look at this month's best ideas:,3255.html

    As the article describes, I/O performance, specific size read/writes, and other issues are important for performance not just the interface maximum transfer. The maximum transfers for many drives are not achieved because your data is not the synthetic optimized data used in benchmarks.
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